Knowledge Process Outsourcing

At Konexions we provide you an extensive range of proficient and high-quality outsourcing solutions that guarantee to boost your business proceedings. The seamless and cost effective solutions that we provide are by no means a limitation of our abilities. But our specialization lies in the fact that we tailor our skills to match your requirements. Following are the realms of Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services that we extend to our clients.

Data Entry Of Clinical Trial

HR Outsourcing is not simply Business Process Outsourcing. It is in effect HR Transformation, as it results in a sea change in the culture, mindset and efficiency within an organization.

Virtual Assistance

For you to devote your utmost concentration to your core business objectives, you will need to take time off your other routine activities. Virtual assistance services take care of all the peripheral tasks of your business that don’t demand your personal attention .

Mailing List Development

Internet rising up to be the most popular mode of communication has caused email addresses to be the best contact point. Postal addresses can change but email addresses have a certain consistency. Therefore developing a mailing list of the niche clientele become very essential for business enterprises

Contact Database Building

The contact database of your business, that contains details of your clients and alliances, is a valuable resource of your company. It is essential to ensure that all your marketing efforts are concentrated on the right people.

Data Transcribing

Businesses rely on data to design their marketing strategies. And for the strategies to function well, they need to be built upon the right base. Data transcribing defines the difference between data and data that will really work for you.

Data Extraction

The World Wide Web is the biggest resource of information in the world. Whatever is that you want to know about finds place on the internet. But the challenge lies in identifying relevant information from raw data and extracting it.

Data Entry

To survive in today’s fast paced business world, you need to converge all your focus to maintain and further you core business activities. And for this to be possible you need to divert your time and resources from the peripheral tasks to pursue your prime business objectives at the same time making sure the former is catered to. Here is where data entry services come to play.

Data Verification

data to be relevant and fulfill the purposes it is meant to, it is necessary that it be accurate and free of any errors. Data verification if the process of checking through the data to see that it is accurate and free of any possible erratum.

Internet Research

Businesses strive to make a mark in the corporate circles. To make their presence shown and stand apart from the rest they need the information that will make it possible. And in the age of Information Technology, there is no better way than the Internet to gain access to a storehouse of information.

Data Formatting

Data can exist in various forms. It can be textual matter on hard copies or it could be bytes stored in electronic memory. But to transform one form to the other requires professional formatting to be done.